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Is Finance in the Drivers Seat in the Real Estate Transaction?

Being ready to purchase your new home is key whether you are a first time home buyer, moving up, investor or purchasing a second home. Starting the process, even if you have done it before, may be a bit over whelming. I'm here to help!! I am able to connect you with loan officers who make the process as easy as it can be, plus I'm always here if you have questions! So, if the first thing to do is get your financing lined up, the one thing to do before that, is to call me! Is Finance in the Drivers Seat in the Real Estate Transaction? (a repost from Summer's about to … [Read more...]

What Are Your Outdoor Chores?

If you're like me, summertime adds so much more to your "to do" list. Even though you try to do everything, there may be things you may miss. I found this article on the website, HouseLogic with a check list of things we should be aware of and do for our outdoor maintenance. Let me know how your "to do" list is going and if there is anything you do, I don't have listed. Go out and get your chores done, but don't forget to have fun.  Also, if you have any questions or real estate needs, don't forget to contact me! Your Guide to Outdoor Maintenance Previously Posted By: Dave Toht If you … [Read more...]

What a Home Inspection Should Cover

You just found the most perfect home! It is so exciting!! It has everything you want - now it's on to closing!! You may want to wait a minute and make sure you include in your offer the option to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector. A certified home inspector will go through your home bottom to top to make sure there are no safety issues which may impede your home ownership or enjoyment. Inspections are not to nickle and dime the offer price down, it is used to make sure your home you are purchasing is safe. I do advocate home inspections and will give you a list of … [Read more...]