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Thinking of Selling Your Home? You may not want to wait.

The real estate market in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities (like Atkins, Belle Plaine, Blairstown, Cedar Rapids, Center Point, Elberon, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Keystone, Luzerne, Marengo, Marion, Newhall, Norway, Palo, Shellsburg, VanHorne, Vinton, Walford, Watkins, Urbana, Walker, and Mt.Vernon) has really been pretty strong through the entire market downturn. As you can see from the charts below that the only thing declining is the inventory we have on the market. This is good if you are selling your home as there is now less competition than in 2010 and 2009. This is in direct … [Read more...]

Tree Falls Over Property Line: Who Pays? Who Picks Up the Pieces?

The storms yesterday morning really brought to light trees and the damage they create when they come crashing down. The time to find out who is responsible is not when it falls on a car, house or fence. You even need to know who's tree it is before disaster strikes. The article below briefly details what you should know about tree ownership. We love our trees, but they sure are a mess to clean up. I am very glad there were no injuries from this horrific storm, but sorry for all those who have suffered property damage and are starting the long road of clean up and repair. previously … [Read more...]

Housing market turning around in several rural states

We all know we live in a pretty great state, but even when things are pretty darn tough around here economically, we are better than many other places and it looks like we'll rebound quicker than most states. So what does this mean for you? You may want to really jump off that fence if you're thinking about buying, homes values may be on the rise. If you're looking to sell, homes are selling. HOWEVER, not like they have before or by the same ways agents were marketing before the Real Estate Downturn in 2007. Real Estate Agents need to use more technology and resources never thought of … [Read more...]