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Selling your home and Capital Gains

Capital Gain: A capital gain is a profit that results from investments into a capital asset, such as stocks, bonds or real estate, which exceeds the purchase price. It is the difference between a higher selling price and a lower purchase price, resulting in a financial gain for the investor.[1]  from Wikipedia. So, do you have to pay Capital Gains when you sell your home? Changes to the tax laws in 1997 provided a new exclusion for gain from the sale of a principal residence. That's because before May 7, 1997, the only way you could avoid paying taxes on your home-sale profit was to use … [Read more...]

Is NOW the time to become a Landlord?

If you're like most people in recent months and years, you have seen your 401K and other retirement portfolios shrink. Perhaps you have reallocated funds to other retirement funds only to have them disappear, too. There may be another option for you. Rental properties. More and more people are investing money into income properties as an additional answer to their additional income needs for retirement. Interest rates are at historic lows. Housing prices are such that properties which wouldn't even be previously priced as income properties, may actually pencil out as viable … [Read more...]

Does your Gas Leaf Blower Start right Off?

I went out the other day to get rid of all the leaves in my yard. I should have just waited as all the county's leaves are now in my yard - again. Anyway, I go to use my leaf blower ... it spits and sputters. I try several times and then pick up the old reliable - my rake and leaf sack. But I started thinking about why my leaf blower is acting like it's on its last leg and then I read this article - who knew? According to HouseLogic, Ethanol-blended gasoline, which is made for automobiles and other vehicles isn't made for the small gas powered engines. According to the article, "Ethanolis a … [Read more...]

Are You Still on the Fence?

Are waiting for rates to get lower before you start thinking about buying that home? They're HERE! According to Real Estate on for the first time ever - EVER - rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage dipped below 4%. If you were thinking of a 15-year fixed mortgage, that dropped to a record setting 3.26%! You may be hearing all the bad economic news and are afraid of the risk, but if you can qualify, this is the time to jump off the fence and secure that mortgage. Think about how much rent you may be paying now - you can afford  a lot more house than what you're paying in rent … [Read more...]

Would you like to buy more house or have a smaller monthly mortgage payment?

Are you thinking about buying? Have you thought about refinancing? Interest rates have hit a record breaking low with an average 30-year fixed-rate loan around 4.09% - levels that we haven't seen since 1951!!  30 year fixed - 4.09% - lowest in 60 YEARS!5 15 year fixed - 3.30% What does this mean for you?? If you were going to buy, you can buy MORE house or pay less for the one you want. A SWEET DEAL INDEED. A $100,000 home with 20% down and an interest rate of 4.09% would have a principal and interest monthly payment of only $386.09 - taxes and insurance not included. If you … [Read more...]