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Iowa Farm Land Values

There has been a lot of talk lately about Iowa Land Values . The National Association of Realtors put together the chart and map below showing the increase of our land values and our state's unemployment rate. We are actually better off than many other states nationally. I thought I would just show you the recent trends. If you want to know local land prices, contact me today!! Iowa State University recently released land value trends in its state. The lag time between data release and conditions is almost a year, but the underlying trend is quite dramatic with land prices in many … [Read more...]

How are You Paying for Christmas?

It' December 26th. The presents are opened, ribbon and paper thrown away, boxes broken down to recycle. You're looking at a lot of money strewn all over the floor and the Holiday bills are going to be delivered within the next few weeks. How are you going to take care of Holiday bills? You may want to rethink if you are considering a Home Equity Line of Credit. You will want to have full knowledge of what you are getting into. The decision of using your home as a piggy bank, shouldn't be taken lightly. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is using the equity you have acquired through … [Read more...]

Are you ready for snow??

  It's officially winter - and we have no snow. YET! Give it a little while and I'm sure we'll be giving our snow blowers a workout and a pain in our backs. Living in Iowa, we do see our fair amount of snowfalls. However, other years we may not get much of all. What we do know, is when we do get hit by the Big One, we want the horse power to clear that snow! Because we have recently received over 2 feet of snow over the winter, you may want a moderate to heavy snow removal jobs. These are made for up to 40 inches of snow during that time. These are usually a single-stage … [Read more...]

Not a creature was stirring …

I know it's only days until Christmas and a few more days until 2011 ends and 2012 begins, however listing your home could really benefit you NOW! Right now, inventory is low. Your home doesn't have the competition it will in Spring when everyone is thinking to list. You also won't get lost in the crowd if you list now. Serious buyers are looking now, so you won't have site seers going through your home. Your home may show better now decorated for the holidays. Having it all decked out may give it just what it needs to have someone fall in love with it. It is okay to have some … [Read more...]

Tick Tock! Time is Running Out!

Time is running out to give yourself the gift of energy efficiency for this holiday season AND to benefit when you file your 2011 federal tax return. December 31, of this year may be the last time you can take advantage of these credits since Congress may not renew them in 2012. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the tax benefits for these energy efficient improvements, but over the long haul, these will save you money on your home energy and improve your home's comfort level. Learn more about the how the tax credits work. What Does The Credit Apply To? Five basic … [Read more...]

$20,000 per acre Farm Ground in IOWA!

A 74 acre tract near Hull in Western Iowa in Sioux County, went for $20,000 per acre. There were two tracts - a 38 acre parcel and a 39 acre parcel.  Neighbor Leland Kaster purchased the two tracts from Clinton Shinkle, Washington - State. “Farmland is very valuable up here, with good commodity prices and a strong livestock industry,” said auctioneer Pete Pollema of Hull, who called the sale. Previously in October a 120-acre parcel near Sioux Center sold for $16,750 per acres. Near Sully, Iowa, an 80-acre tract sold for $16,200 in September of this year. Iowa farmland has risen a … [Read more...]

Whirlpool is Calling Back & Hiring for 2012!!

Good news from Amana and it's just in time for the Holidays! The Whirlpool Corporation announced they plan to add 250 production workers in the Middle Amana refrigeration plant during the first three months of 2012 IN ADDITION to bringing back the laid off workers. They will be able to return after the 1st of the year. This is exceptional news to our local economy after it was announced in July of layoffs numbering 350 due to the slowing economy. “The increase in employment is related to additional demand for product being made at this plant as well as seasonal fluctuation,” … [Read more...]

Real Estate as a Hedge against Inflation

Here is a great article to read about inflation and your monthly mortgage payment.... We haven't heard a lot about inflation recently. However, prices have started to creep upward over the last year. As examples, here are a few categories that increased from November 2010 to November 2011: Food at home is up 6.2% via Real Estate as a Hedge against Inflation.   If you would like to see how to prepare yourself for possible inflation, contact me today. It is a great time to purchase and be making the same house payment every month even when other costs are rising. … [Read more...]

6 Online Tools for Do-it-Yourself Electricians

A doorbell that doesn’t quite ring the way it’s supposed to, a new TV that needs to be hooked up, and simple outdoor lights that need fixing, are projects that do-it-yourself electricians can complete by themselves at home. If there are a few projects around your house that you would like to get started on, head online to find help. Apart from the important safety procedures, there are many other resources available for DIY electricians. Remember: Safety First! Before beginning any electrical project, make sure you have the proper tools and the knowledge to see the project all the way … [Read more...]