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How Most Find a Real Estate Agent

How did you find your Real Estate agent in the past - or now, for that matter? Did you Google it on the internet, hear from friends, or see an add in the newspaper? Wonder how your search compared with others who have looked for real estate agents? Which way is the best to find the best agent? Here are a couple of articles I found on which details how most people find their real estate professional. How do you find an agent you can trust your biggest purchase to? An agent to really represent you? Contact me today to see how I can be your agent! On January 6, 2012, … [Read more...]

Not too late to winterize!

If you’re like most, you have been putting off some winterization ….. well it’s after Christmas and we’re still experiencing 50 to 60 degree weather. Mother nature has been really kind to those who have been putting things off, but if you've lived in Iowa for any amount of time …. You know we’re going to pay for this lovely weather ….. you may want to get started this weekend!   ·         Check attic insulation. You will want at least 12” of blow-in or R-38 (batt insulation) in your attic. This blanket will keep the heat rising from your rooms and out through your roof. You may actually be … [Read more...]