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Snow’s Gone and Weeds are Coming!

Can you believe it? A few weeks ago we were shoveling snow and now we’re thinking about planting (unless you already have) and worrying about weeds. But WAIT! You don’t have to go out and buy toxic chemicals to rid your yard of those pesky little plants – there are things around your house you can use right now and is completely safe and might I say, pretty tasty. Boiling water isn’t just for tea. If you pour boiling water directly on weeds, it burns them right up. This is GREAT for sidewalk or driveway weeds. The water cools as it runs off and is just cool water when it hits your boarding … [Read more...]

Iowa Farm Ground Prices are STILL Going Up!

According to, Iowa’s farmland increased 10.8% between September, 2011, and March, 2012. The Iowa Farm and Land Chapter #2 REALTORS Land Institute (RLI) conducted a survey indicating a total statewide average increase of 23.7% for the year ending March 1, 2012, which was a combination of the previous gain of 12.9% reported in September and the increase made from then until March 1st. This survey reported a statewide average prices of the following types of crop ground: $9,370 /acre – high quality $7,148 /acre – medium quality $4,879 /acre – low quality $2,418 /acre – … [Read more...]

Are you ready to get a puppy or a house?

Spring is in the air and real estate signs are popping up all over the place. One question you may ask yourself is, “Is it a good time to buy?” However, the better question may be, “Am I ready to buy?” Like getting a puppy, buying a home is a HUGE commitment and one you can’t walk away from if things get a little rough. Also, like a puppy, make sure the size is right for your lifestyle – and budget. There are some things to consider when considering a purchase: Is my/our income reliable? Is it steady enough that I can depend I’ll have a job in the future? Is there stability in my … [Read more...]