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73% of Car Seats Still Used Incorrectly

According to new data released by Safe Kids Worldwide and the General Motors Foundation, there are five critical but common mistakes parents and caretakers make when restraining their children in the car. Technology has come a long way in the last few years, and vehicle and child restraint safety has been no exception. Take a 15 minute look at your child’s car seat using the following checklist and see if there may be a way to help keep your child safer in case of a vehicle accident: Check the label and manual for your car seat and ensure that it is appropriate for your child’s height and … [Read more...]

Have you thought about FHA financing?

The Iowa Finance Authority just sent me the current interest rates on mortgages. They have many mortgage options available for different lending needs. Now, there is an option available if you are thinking about buying (or selling) a home in an Association - FHA financing! Last week the Federal Housing Administration revised some of the rules for condo associations across the country to get certified or re-certified for financing. This is HUGE because it opens individual unit owners up and sellers to FHA-insured mortgages with low down payments. This revision should open up the … [Read more...]

10 reasons to buy rather than rent

Over the last few years, buying a home has seemed like the very last thing a person would ever want to do. The subprime mortgage crisis and economic downfall left many homeowners unable to pay their mortgages and even looking foreclosure in the ugly face. Rates for home ownership have fallen by 4% since 2004, according to the Census Bureau. But it looks likely that owning a home may once again be the great American dream, instead of an American nightmare. According to online real estate source Trulia, 98 out of 100 major metropolitan areas have rents so high that it is cheaper once again to … [Read more...]