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It’s Radon Month in Iowa

A few months back I blogged “Radon is the 2nd Leading Cause of Cancer in the United States”. Radon is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas which is created when the element radium breaks down through radioactive decay. It kills more people by lung cancer than smoking. Think of that ….. radon kills 21,000 people every year. January is National Radon Action Month Iowa is one of the states with high levels of radon. The map here is not an indication you WILL have radon in your home, but the tendency of radon is found in our state and should be tested. In fact when you purchase or sell in … [Read more...]

Great News for Iowa Property Owners

News release previously by Amy Lucht CLIVE, IOWA (Jan. 21, 2014) – 2013 proved to be the fantastic year that Realtors® around the state were anticipating. “It’s great to see that the real estate market is strong once again. The year ended on a positive note and provides an encouraging look into the future,” says Kathy Miller, a 31 year Realtor® veteran and 2014 President of the Iowa Association of Realtors®. According the Housing Trends Report released by the Iowa Association of Realtors® (IAR), numbers have improved across the board. Sales are up, prices are up, and days on the market … [Read more...]

Freezing your Credit Accounts in the Cedar Rapids Area

The Target fiasco is still pretty scary when you think your credit card information may have been stolen. Breaking News from ABC | ABC Sports News Checking your credit report and freezing your credit files are a couple of suggestions to protect yourself from credit fraud. The site for the free once per year credit report is . I ran through the process real quick to see how it worked. On the most part, it worked well, only when it came to Equifax the page didn’t want to take me back to go to the 3rd report for TransUnion. I wasn’t too … [Read more...]

What’s in Store with the New Qualified Mortgage Rule?

The beginning of 2014 may prove to be interesting when applying for a single family home mortgage. Starting January 10th, the “Qualified Mortgage Rule” goes into effect for loans insured, guaranteed or administered by HUD or the Federal Housing Administration. HUD’s new rule, which is similar to the rule issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2013. Loans now must: Require periodic payments without risky features; Have terms that do not exceed 30 years; Limit upfront points and fees to no more than 3 percent with adjustments to facilitate smaller loans (there … [Read more...]

Iowa Housing Market Continues to Look Strong

As we wind down to the end of the year, it’s good to know 2013 housing market is closing on the strong side. Even though home sales are down right now, Trulia predicts an increase in real estate inventory is predicted this year. Higher home prices will help spur an increase of home listings and even though mortgage rates will increase, home loans may be easier to secure. New mortgage rules in 2014 may make lenders more confident lending money. Contact me today at 319-480-5262 for more details. Press Release from the Iowa Association of REALTORS® The Iowa Association of Realtors® (IAR) … [Read more...]