Are you ready for snow??


It’s officially winter – and we have no snow. YET! Give it a little while and I’m sure we’ll be giving our snow blowers a workout and a pain in our backs.

Living in Iowa, we do see our fair amount of snowfalls. However, other years we may not get much of all. What we do know, is when we do get hit by the Big One, we want the horse power to clear that snow!

Because we have recently received over 2 feet of snow over the winter, you may want a moderate to heavy snow removal jobs. These are made for up to 40 inches of snow during that time.

These are usually a single-stage gas-powered snow blower which features an auger or set of rubber blades that scoops up the snow, chewing it up and throws it out through the discharge chute. These blowers are usually 18 to 22″ wide, priced between $300 to $600, have push-button electric ignition which makes for easy cold-weather starts.

Snow blower maintenance

Gas-powered blowers require you to either run the machine dry of fuel at the end of your home snow removal season, or that you add a fuel stabilizer to the remaining gas in the tank.

Oil, sparkplugs, auger belts, and air filters need to be replaced on a regular basis. Shear pins, designed to break to protect the auger from damage, cost just a few bucks for a multi-pack. You might go through a pack per season.

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