Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Entertaining Disasters?

Thanksgiving is just days away. Your house is going to be busting at the seams with all the friends and family who are coming for dinner.

Your oven wont heat!

Just before you start stuffing your bird, you look over the oven that you just turned on and it’s not heating! ARGH! What a time for it to decide to break down! How could this have happened?
Do not self-clean your oven until AFTER the holidays. During the cleaning process, the thermostat or fuse could go out and finding someone to fix it Thanksgiving morning could be next to impossible to find – or get to your home in time to throw your dinner in the oven.

Your sink won’t drain!

We all mistreat our drains from time to time and at Thanksgiving time, we just get darn-right abusive. Pouring fats and cooking oil may solidify, if you pour them down your drain. NEVER POUR GREASE DOWN YOUR DRAINS. Not Now – Not EVER!

If you do have a garbage disposal, run water before flipping the switch and before putting anything down it. And NEVER grind stringy, fibrous or starchy foods like poultry skins or potato peels – especially NEVER celery.

If something does clog, use a snake instead of chemical drain cleaners. And NEVER pour drain cleaner down your garbage disposal.

Your Furnace quits working!

BRRRRRRR!! House full of guests and it’s cold. Best way to avoid that is to have regular maintenance on your furnace. Make sure the filter is changed every 90 days. If you can’t remember when you changed it last, chances are, you better change it today.

The toilet’s plugged!

Toilets tend to plug and runnith over at the most inopportune times and generally when you have a house full of guests … Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper and sewage! No paper towels AND no toys. It is okay to remind guests so you don’t have to plunge into an added holiday expense.

Your Refrigerator isn’t cooling!

If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, chances are your freezer isn’t either. How can you tell? Other than the ice cream melting and the lettuce wilting, purchase a refrigerator/freezer thermometer to make sure each shelf is below 40 degrees. Vacuum out the coils to make sure there is no debris or dust making sure the unit can breath. If the coils are blocked and air can’t circulate, these may actually prevent the fridge from cooling.

The Holiday Season is a great time to entertain. To make sure you are the hostess with the mostest, a few preventative measures could prevent you from getting egg on your face.

Happy Thanksgiving!