Best Cities for Seniors

When you think about retiring, you generally dream about sunny beaches, warm climates and endless golf courses, but according to a recent report for the best small cities for senior citizens to live in, Iowa makes 5 on a list of the top100 with Cedar Rapids ranking 60th for ages of those between 65 to 79 with a score of 84.35 out of 100. Iowa City ranked #2.

The rankings took into consideration quality of health care, educational and employment opportunities, transportation and the all round economy. The list they provided ranked the top 100 small communities which provided the best environment to keep their citizens over 65 working, learning and healthy. “These are not just opinions, these are facts,” Irving says. “The traditional notions about retirement, about pulling up stakes and moving somewhere warm, doesn’t really reflect accurately the notions of retirement in America. … Seniors are as complex and motivated as any other population.” University communities provided the most engagement for this age group.

Since the nation as a whole is living and staying active longer, it may be good to know what area would be able to enrich your life.

To break down the report for the Cedar Rapids area:

The total population of Cedar Rapids is 257,940

Total number of citizens over the age of 65 is 35,059 which makes up 13.59% of the total population.

Living Arrangements Indicators

Indicator Rank Score Average
Median House Price 176 38.50 45.08
Median Rental Price 92 68.14 62.99
% of Houses with 65+ Residents 178 46.50 50.14
Number of Nursing Beds 54 2.75 2.52
Median Price Semi-Private Nursing Room 43 91.43 72.26
Number of People Providing Home health-care services 129 6.39 9.6
Continuing Care Facilities 81 17.79 17.11
Assisted Living Cost 81 17.79 69.79
Nursing-home rating 116 24.91 24.98