Attention First Time Home Buyers!

Check out these tips to make your first home buying experience a success:

Weigh the Benefits of Home Ownership

Everyone has been telling you that you should buy your own home, so you’ve done your research and weighed the benefits. It all adds up and you’ve decided that it is the best decision for you, which is a major hurdle overcome.

Define Your Search Parameters

With just a few clicks of the mouse, a home buyer can search through hundreds of online listings and view dozens of virtual tours and photographs of homes and neighborhoods online. By the time you meet with a real estate agent, you probably have a pretty good idea of what type of home and neighborhood you’re interested in. Before this first meeting, you are already halfway to home ownership. No wonder the process can seem to go so fast!

Determine Your Motivation Level

In a seller’s market, it is possible to view only one home and make the purchase. How many homes does a family need, anyway? Some will house hunt for years, but these are not usually very motivated buyers.

A good agent will stick with the search parameters you have established and even preview homes before showing them to you. This can make the viewing process more efficient by spending less time seeing homes that aren’t what you had in mind.

Decide How Many Homes to See

Your memory improves dramatically after eating carbs, but slows after eating sugar, so enjoy a hearty meal and lay off the soft drinks before setting off on our home viewing experience. On average, prepare to see maybe seven homes in a day. Although it may be physically possible to see more, keep in mind that your memory will fade and you may not remember any of the details very clearly.

Some women may relate to this experience: let’s say you are shopping for a new pair of red shoes. The first store you come to, you find a brilliant pair, priced right, and perfectly fitted. But, do you purchase that pair? No, you shop the entire mall until you are utterly exhausted before returning to that first store to purchase that first pair you tried on. Do not shop for a home this way! If you find the perfect home and it is in your budget, buy it!

Make a Plan to Rate Inventory

    1. Take a digital camera and begin each series with a close up of the house number to separate the photos.
    2. Have a notebook and take plenty of notes on unusual features, colors, or design elements.
    3. Check out the surroundings—what is next door? Do you like the looks of the neighborhood?
    4. Also take note of the home’s overall location. Is it near a park or a power plant?
    5. Rate the home on a scale of 1 to 10 based on your overall impression, with 10 being the highest.

Take a Second Look at Top Choices

There’s a good chance it won’t take long before you have your mind made up which homes are in the running for your purchase. Ask your agent to see them again. You will be looking with a fresh set of eyes and may notice things that you didn’t the first time around. It is also important that your agent use this time to check with the listing agent to see how motivated the seller is and whether any offers have come in.

Make Your Decision with Confidence

Most real estate agents will have a hunch which home you are likely to decide on, but it is their job to remain impartial and not sway you one way or another. They are, however, required to point out deficiencies and help you feel confident that the particular home indeed meets your defined parameters.

I will work hard so you can be confident in your first home buying experience!