Fall maintenance checklist for your Cedar Rapids area home

It’s after Labor Day!  And it’s time to get out the honey-do list and get your Cedar Rapids area home ready for fall. Here are a few things you may want to check off your list before it gets really cold. Water Disconnect and put away any garden hoses. Drain out any water from your outside faucets, unless the faucets are “frost free”. Drain your lawn sprinkler system and then blow out with compressed air. Empty and drain any exterior fountains. Roof Clean soffit vents under the roof overhangs. Check roof vents for bird and wasp nests. Clean … [Read more...]

FHA’s Back to Work Program for the Cedar Rapids Area

The recent housing crisis really hurt many #CedarRapidshomeowners as well as those homeowners in the surrounding areas. Some even lost their homes to foreclosure, short sale, or deed –in-lieu of foreclosure. When that happens, generally it means a LONG time before even thinking about buying again and is a huge black mark on your credit. There are many reasons mortgage payments weren’t made - perhaps a company cut back or closed which made house payments very difficult to make, not to mention selling wasn’t an options since more than likely home values in the Cedar Rapids area was under … [Read more...]

First Time Home Buyer Program

The First Time Home Buyer Program is back – or at least another version of it.  The City of Cedar Rapids is offering another round of first time home buyer assistance.  While the additional funds have been approved for this program the timing is still unknown but is expected to be available in August or September. Program Overview: The purpose of the program is to increase home ownership by creating opportunities among lower income and underserved households.  As a result, revitalizing neighborhoods in the Cedar Rapids area.  $5000 will be provided as down payment and/or closing cost … [Read more...]

Woman wins Lawsuit against Equifax – awarded $18.6 MILLION

US News | Entertainment News | More ABC News Videos One in four credit reports has incorrect information. Is that one, yours? As the woman in the news video, you may not find out until you are trying to buy something – like a home in the Cedar Rapids Area, and your applications gets rejected. But it isn’t just applying for a home mortgage, but your new employer may look at your credit report or insurance company may be looking at your credit report as well. How do you find out what is on your credit report? Get your Credit Report The site for the free once per year credit report is … [Read more...]

Be Cautious during Iowa’s Summer Heat

We all can see it’s HOT in Iowa and we all feel like we SHOULD be used to it by now. But we should be mindful that it IS hot and to take precautions especially when it comes to hot cars! According to the National Weather Service: Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle, even with the windows down. Teach children not to play in, on, or around cars. Always lock car doors and trunks -- even at home -- and keep keys out of children's reach. Always make sure all child passengers have left the car when you reach your destination. Don't overlook sleeping … [Read more...]

How to keep Mosquitoes from biting when outside in the Cedar Rapids area

Ah, summer time …. What a great time to spend outdoors in the Cedar Rapids area!! We look forward to this all winter and now that it’s here, we have to share it with MOSQUITOES!!! You need a blood transfusion every time you step outside in the Morning or evening. Should you spray? Splash yourself with Skin so soft, vanilla, absorbine jr., OFF or wear dryer sheets? Are you a mosquito magnet? For such a little insect, it is sure a big and costly problem. What should you do? Remove any and all standing water including drill holes in the bottom of any outside container. Clean and … [Read more...]

If you open a phishing email, will your computer get a virus?

Look how we work in real estate now – signing on-line documents, emails, Facebook …. Everything is pretty virtual; however, you’ve see the warnings out there about emails filled with spam, viruses and all sorts of things that can and definitely will bring your computer and your to your knees. You are filled with fear when these crafty little devils make their way into your mail box. Your handshakes and your mouse quivers because you have heard by the experts if you open that email, it will be unleashing the demons like Pandora’s box. Of all things, you do NOT want to make the wrong click and … [Read more...]

Home Sales and Prices In Iowa Continued to Climb in May

Press Release – According to the latest housing report from the Iowa Association of Realtors® (IAR), home sales and prices continued to climb across the state in May. The IAR released the May 2013 Housing Trends Report during its Board of Directors Meeting at the association’s summer meetings on Wednesday, June 12 in Moravia. The report reveals that sales rose 10.4 percent, with 369 more homes selling this May than in May 2012. A total of 3,906 homes sold/closed in May, while 3,537 homes sold/closed last May. The median sale price jumped by $7,500 or 5.8 percent. The median sale price … [Read more...]