Central Iowa Farmland Values are UP

Iowa State Extension and Outreach Land Value Survey

In a recent press release by the Iowa Chapter REALTORS® Land Institute’s Land Trends and Value Survey, Iowa farmland prices have increased 9.4% from September 2012 to March 2013, which when this increase is added to the previous farmland price increases show a total increase of 17.1% in value from a year ago.

The survey indicated farm land values in our area to be:

  •  Total % change East Central Iowa from Sept 2012 to March 2013   +10.4%
  • Total % change Statewide +9.4%

                                                         September 2012                               March 2013

  • High Quality Farmland                $10,456                                            $11,469
  • Medium Quality Farmland          $7,649                                               $8,478
  • Low Quality Farmland                  $5,058                                               $5,614
  • Non-tillable Pasture                     $2,848                                               $3,205
  • Timber ground                               $2,260                                              $2,410

However, you do have to remember that this is not a sticker prices for land. There are other variables which may and will determine what certain land may go for. Please contact me to help you determine what your land is worth.

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