Do what I say, Not as I do …

You have decided to sell your home. Many factors play into deciding your next move, but the major decision may be ….

Do you hire an experienced REALTOR® or go through one of the many for sale by owner companies?

Yes, it may sound like you are saving THOUSANDS of dollars, but is it such a good deal?

Recently, the creator of, Colby Sambrotto, hired a traditional real estate broker to sell his home. That’s right, the company telling you that you can sell your home yourself, hired a professional and paid the standard for their area’s real estate commission of 6% for $2.15 million.

Sambrotto tried for six months trying to sell his New York apartment in trendy Chelsea with online listings and classified advertising …. It didn’t sell.

Once Sambrotto hired the real estate professional, the agent not only increased the listing price by $150,000, but attracted the buyer using methods not previously used or available to the owner. The self-help methods did not work at all over the 6 months Sambrotto tried to market his home himself.

The Professional Real Estate agent said the listing wasn’t priced right thus not attracting the right qualified buyers.

Sambrotto reports he still believes in the DIY method of selling home and plans to eventually start up a new for sale by owner company.