Do you have an itch??

Do you feel the itch? I feel it – the itch to get things planted and watch them grow. But WAIT! It is ONLY April in Iowa – NOT May!! Boy it does feel like May and plantin’ time is here. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. The USDA National Agriculture Statistical Service recently sent out a report on theIowa Crops and Weather.

I’ve seen some farmers already planting even though we know the earliest you should plant corn is April 11th. Most of the field work being done is anhydrous and dry fertilizer applications. Many are spreading manure and tilling.

But why this urgency to get into the dirt? Last week we had 4.7 days FAVORABLE for fieldwork.

  • Topsoil moisture levels are rated 8% very short / 28% short / 60% adequate / 4 percent surplus.
  • Subsoil moisture levels are rated 17% very short / 32% short / 49% adequate / 2% surplus.
    • Planted oats are 58% in marking the first time since 1981 that Iowa farmers have more than half of their oats planted by April 1st – no foolin’! Back in 1981 46% of the oats were in by March 29th.
  • Pasture and range conditions rated 1% very poor / 5% poor / 27 % fair / 49% good / 18% excellent. With the better than normal pasture ground conditions, calving is on lush green grass instead of dried up pastures.

So, I do feel the itch and the only way to fix it is to scratch that plantin’ scratch!!

Do you have your fields ready? planted?

How about your gardens???