Do you REALLY need to have a home inspection?

Should you hire the services of a home inspector before purchasing your home? I suggest you do. The purchase order forms I use there is a  box to check whether you want a whole house inspection, partial inspection of particular sections of the house (roof, furnace, plumbing, etc.) or to waive inspection all together. Once checked to have an inspection, a contingency clause is implemented on which type of inspection you are going to use. The contingency means that if a home inspection reveals anything disagreeable, the contract between the parties may be broken.  If you waive this option, you have no contingency time.

Whether you actually need a home inspection does depend on several things. First, the age of the home. If the home is new construction, this decreases the need of a professional. However, inspections can detect faulty construction work. Generally with new construction, the builder warrants the construction and material for a certain period of time, thus negating any inspection.

If you are purchasing a home with some age, the need for the inspection is greater. Inspections generally reveal defects in the home that usually aren’t noticed when first walking through the home. Inspectors are generally looking for termite damage, water damage, foundation defects and roof problems. Although the inspectors are generally not certified in areas other than home inspections, they will point out areas of interest recommending further investigating done by  professionals in those areas.

If you don’t have experience in a lot of home maintenance, or your budget doesn’t allow for extensive and expensive repairs, it is a good idea to hire an inspection. If you know a head of time what kind of time line repairs may be needed, you would be able to plan for them.

If you haven’t owned a home before, walking through with a home inspector gives you a great introduction to your home and quirks it may have before you move into it. If you know there is a lot of lime built up around your faucets and it’s nothing to be alarmed about, it is a much better feeling than wondering if there is a leak in the plumbing.

I have a list of home inspectors you can contact. Many have construction or other professional backgrounds.

Contact me if you have more questions. I can give you a lot more details and answer any concerns you may have.