Don’t Miss these 5 Signs to Sell!

Most years, homes sell best during the Spring. The market revs up in March or April, stays busy until July, and then relaxes for the summer. However, in 2011, the seller’s market was active during the beginning of the year but stalled out in April. So if you waited until spring to list your house, you may have missed out.

A contributing factor to the slow down was the end of the homebuyer stimulus package for taxpayers. But a look at the economic conditions explain why the real estate market flip-flopped last year and may provide insight as to how to spot a sellers’ market in the future.

5 Signs To Sell:

High consumer confidence. According to Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center, consumer confidence was higher in February, 2012 as people are less pessimistic about current business and employment conditions and more optimistic about the economy as a whole.

Low interest rates. Interest rates are at historic lows and are expected to stay low for the remainder of 2012. With these low rates and lenders loosening credit, Capital Economics analytics firm believes it is possible the housing crisis could end this year.

Decreasing unemployment rates. This ties in with the need for consumer confidence. It isn’t enough for buyers to have a job—they need to be confident in the security of that job before they will be confident in a major purchase.

Lack of negative economic headlines. Oh, yes—the media plays their role as well! Last year, major headlines included the earthquake in Japan, the unpredictability of the stock market, and with Greece on the brink of bankruptcy, the entire European Union was on edge. This very well could have factored in to the decrease in home sales after the beginning of the year.

More buyers than sellers in the area. Obviously with more demand and less inventory in the local area, sellers will have the upper hand during negotiations.

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