Farm Prices in Iowa

The DOW is down.
The NASDAQ is down.
Housing prices are down.
Interest rates are down.
Unemployment is up.
Foreclosures are steady.

Do you want to know what ISN’T down? IOWA FARMLAND!

Farmland values in Benton County, Linn County, Tama County and Iowa County have done very well in 2011 and are seen more as better  investments.

Much of the Midwest has seen land values increase 20% to as much as 30% since 2010, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City reported Monday, August 15, 2011. This is actually the highest surge of land prices since the 1970’s.

The number of Iowa farms actually on the market is low, but the price per acre is much higher than in 2010.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported August 9, 2011, that the average value per acre was $5,700 according to a USDA Land Values 2011 report. Iowa lagging only slightly behind only a handful of states. However, there have been rumors of much higher prices per acres for some farms which have been auctioned off recently.

According to the Cedar Rapids Multiple Listing Service, the land west of Cedar Rapids (Benton County) had 10 land listings sell/close since January 2011, averaging a market time of 287 days.