How Secure are Your Doors?

A person who is casing your home to break into looks at your home differently than you do.

Is your front door visible from the street, or is your shrubs over grown and covering it? Someone who is looking to breaking in and entering want the doors to be hidden so no one can see them snap your locks and enter.

Your strike plates and deadbolts may need to be replaced. These metal fittings that catches bolts and latches may be fastened to the soft wood of the door jamb with only a couple of screws. This will not keep anyone one if they want to break in. You can increase your security by upgrading to a four screw strike plates and 3 inch screws which go all the way in to the stud behind the door jamb.

Deadbolts need to be at least a 1″ bolt. You may need to upgrade to a Grade 1 or Grade 2 lockset and deadbolts, which are the best security options.

Garage doors and back doors are usually broken into than the front doors. Disable the automatic door opener and be sure to lock the garage door, if you’re going to be gone for any length of time. The door which enters into the house from the garage should have the same security hardware as your exterior doors and locked at all times.

Patio doors can also be one of the most insecure spots. But there are ways to make it very secure by installing locking pins to prevent sliding and keep it locked at all times, too.

Entry doors are a source of beauty and light when they have large glass inset in the door, however, this is also an easy way to break in. Replace these doors with solid steel doors, solid wood and impact-resistant fiberglass. However, if you really want glass in the doors, make sure they are tempered and reinforced for added strength.

Think about your outdoor storage sheds, too. Many times you have very valuable equipment and tools in your sheds. Deadbolts work well on these doors, as well.

Take a look at your home today? How can you make it more secure? If you have any other great ideas, let me know!!