Iowa landlords encouraged to list rental properties on new web site

for rentDo you have rental property in the Cedar Rapids area, but don’t have a really good way of showing availability? Have you thought about purchasing rental property, but have heard it’s expensive to advertise? Help will soon be available …..

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A new rental housing locator service, is now available for Iowa landlords to list units at no cost. The web site is supported by a toll-free call center and is designed to give renters, landlords, housing professionals and social service providers access to detailed information about real-time rental housing vacancies. The service will launch for public use in January. offers all Iowa landlords, including those with needed affordable, accessible and special-needs housing, a free way to advertise properties while helping renters easily find units to fit specific needs. will also be a vital tool during times of emergency, providing up-to-date housing information for displaced disaster victims and assistance organizations.

“Iowa has approximately 330,000 rental units,” Iowa Finance Authority Executive Director Dave Jamison stated in a press release. “The site will provide a critical link between thousands of rental units and Iowans looking for them.”

What is Iowa

Launched in November 2013, is funded by Iowa Finance Authority. fosters collaboration among Iowa landlords, various housing organizations and Iowans seeking rental housing. The initiative is supported by an advisory group of representatives from agencies, organizations and professional associations from across the state.

This service provides…

  • FREE searching and listing of rental housing
  • Detailed listings that can include pictures, maps, eligibility requirements (if applicable), and information about nearby amenities such as hospitals and schools
  • Simple and detailed search options that are easy to use
  • Helpful tools, including an affordability calculator, rental checklist, and information about renters’ rights and responsibilities
  • 24/7 access online and support from a toll-free, bilingual call center, available at 1-877-428-8844, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm CST
  • Housing information that is updated daily to keep it relevant
  • A resource for families displaced during times of disaster

Benefits to tenants

  • FREE and anonymous searches
  • Search by rent, size, location, proximity to your work and more
  • Detailed, up-to-date listings with photos
  • Listings of affordable and market rate rentals and accessible housing with extensive advanced search features
  • Basic, advanced and accessible searches help locate housing to meet very specific needs, and printer-friendly results can be sorted by preferences, like rent amount or location
  • Users can call a toll-free call center for live, human assistance or access the service through TTD/TTY; support is also available by mail, fax and email
  • Access helpful tools such as a rent calculator and links to housing resources

Benefits to landlords

  • FREE listing service
  • Login online 24/7 to update, add or remove listings
  • If you do not have internet access, you can still use this service! Call the toll-free call center to update your property information at 1-877-428-8844
  • Remove listings from public view immediately after renting to help avoid unwanted calls
  • All listings can include pictures and links to promote company websites, and listings cn remain live until the property is rented, with no need to re-list units after a cut-off point – a national, nonprofit provider of housing locator services – maintains the website and provides support through a toll-free call center.

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Above information is from Iowa Finance Authority and / for announcement and informational purposes only.