Is Finance in the Drivers Seat in the Real Estate Transaction?

Being ready to purchase your new home is key whether you are a first time home buyer, moving up, investor or purchasing a second home. Starting the process, even if you have done it before, may be a bit over whelming.

I’m here to help!!

I am able to connect you with loan officers who make the process as easy as it can be, plus I’m always here if you have questions! So, if the first thing to do is get your financing lined up, the one thing to do before that, is to call me!

Is Finance in the Drivers Seat in the Real Estate Transaction? (a repost from

Summer’s about to start heating up. Which means that there are a lot of people in the market looking to buy a home. Many of those prospective buyers have a ton of questions. Including,  is finance in the driver’s seat in the real estate transaction?

Yes! Wouldn’t you agree?

Now that has pretty much always been the case, but in the years leading up to the financial crisis we might have thought differently. Actually, unless you have all cash to purchase that home, you’re pretty much a slave to your documentation. Here are a few pointers from the field that may help you qualify and hopefully buy that home.

Ensure you provide your lender with all the information they need to make the process go smoothly, barring any other unforeseen hazards in the roadway. This is what you might need to start the process of qualifying for a mortgage.

  • Last months’ worth of your Pay Stubs
  • Last two years of W-2’s
  • Last two years of Federal Tax Returns
  • Most Recent Month or quarterly asset statements including: Checking, Savings, CD’s, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, 401K’s, IRA’s, etc..

More importantly, work with me, your REALTOR®, to make sure you cross all of your T’s and dot all of your I’s.  I will help you move forward!!