Is NOW the time to become a Landlord?

If you’re like most people in recent months and years, you have seen your 401K and other retirement portfolios shrink. Perhaps you have reallocated funds to other retirement funds only to have them disappear, too.

There may be another option for you.

Rental properties.

More and more people are investing money into income properties as an additional answer to their additional income needs for retirement.

Interest rates are at historic lows. Housing prices are such that properties which wouldn’t even be previously priced as income properties, may actually pencil out as viable income/rental properties.

Owning rental / income properties is not for everyone. It can give you extra headaches from handling tenants, bookkeeping and taxes. But there are definitely financial benefits

If you’re interested in properties which would make great income properties, contact me today. I will give you the information you need to make an informed decision to see if owning income property is the right retirement option for you.

Also, I know fantastic lenders who offer great rates on income properties!

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