Is our county one of the fastest growing county in Iowa?

Ever wonder what county has had the most growth in Iowa?  According to the US census bureau Dallas county grew 8.8 percent since 2010 and is ranked number 14th in the nation for growth.  Considering that is about 5, 382 people from 2010 to 2012 for a grand total of 71,967 people, that is pretty impressive.  

The Census bureau keeps track of births deaths, and migration between 2010 and 2012.  They reported that they had gained 9,269 people from other countries but lost 3,274 to other states. 

Counties seem to be growing more in the metropolitan areas, according to Gary Krob, coordinator for the Iowa Library’s State Data Center. 

The most growth were in 7 counties, they were: 

  • Polk 443,710
  • Dallas 71,967
  • Johnson 136,317
  • Linn 215,295
  • Scott 168,799
  • Story 91,410
  • Dubuque 95,097

Other local counties:

  • Benton 25,827
  • Iowa 16,189
  • Tama 17,536
  • Black Hawk 131,820

So next time you go to fill out your census form, will your county be the next fastest growing county in the state? 

This is a good sign the housing recovery is taking hold. People moving around for jobs or retiring changes our area growth.

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