Remember Safety First with your Pool!

The weather is really heating up lately, and the pool is a welcomed refresher whether you’re just taking a dip, swimming some laps, or splashing around with the kids. But sadly, drownings and pool related injuries affect thousands of families each year. Homeowners: prevention starts with some of these practical ideas courtesy of Pillar to Post Professional Home Inspection:

  • Anyone using the pool who isn’t a strong swimmer should be accompanied by someone who is an experienced swimmer.
  • A fence should surround all sides of the pool and be at least four feet high. The gate should be self closing and self latching to prevent it from being left open, and the latch should not be accessible to small children. Some local requirements may be more strict; homeowners should check the specifications for their area.
  • Children should never swim without an adult present at the poolside, it is not enough to occasionally look out the window or door to check on them.
  • Limit diving to in-ground pools only. Diving boards must be above water deep enough to prevent injuries. Always dive hands-first, and jump feet-first. Check the depth markings before jumping or diving into the water to make sure it is safe.
  • Keep children away from pool filters and chemicals for safety. Ensure the surrounding deck or patio is free of toys or chairs that could be stepped or tripped on. Also prevent tripping by teaching children to walk, not run, around the pool.
  • Rescue equipment such as life rings and poles should be near by and easily accessible. It is even a good idea for homeowners to consider having family members learn CPR skills.
  • For safety when the pool is not in use, keep the cover in place. There are also underwater alarms that are available and can be used with or without the cover.

Have fun and be safe this summer! Check below for your local pool information. Having dreams of owning your own pool? Let me know, I can send you a list of homes for sale with pools!

Belle Plaine, Iowa Pool

Belle Plaine, Iowa Aquatic Center

Vinton, Iowa Swimming Pool

Cedar Rapids Municipal Pools