Snow’s Gone and Weeds are Coming!

Can you believe it? A few weeks ago we were shoveling snow and now we’re thinking about planting (unless you already have) and worrying about weeds. But WAIT! You don’t have to go out and buy toxic chemicals to rid your yard of those pesky little plants – there are things around your house you can use right now and is completely safe and might I say, pretty tasty.

Boiling water isn’t just for tea. If you pour boiling water directly on weeds, it burns them right up. This is GREAT for sidewalk or driveway weeds. The water cools as it runs off and is just cool water when it hits your boarding plants. Who knew?

Vodka isn’t just for Dry Martini’s. An ounce of Vodka mixed with 2 cups of water with a few drops of dish soap will dry the weeds out as they dry in the sun. Be careful, though – this solution will dry out any plant it hits if it’s in the sun. The weeds living in the shade will just enjoy the beverage as it doesn’t work as well.

Vinegar isn’t just for pickles. Vinegar will suck the life out of any plant it is sprayed on. It is very hazardous to young plants with tender roots, but will run off weeds with waxy leaves.

Corn Gluten Meal. This is a natural pre-emergence and is very effective when applying BEFORE the weeds start growing. The great thing is, it won’t hurt your sprouts or plants, it just prohibits weeds from germinating.

Newspapers. I was always told you plant seedling potatoes with the eyes up ….. so they can see where they are growing. Well in this case, layering 10 pages of newspapers over the area you want get rid of your weeds and wetting the papers down will suffocate and kill your weeds. So you don’t have yesterday’s news and comics all over your flower beds, cover with mulch and TADA you have a weedless and well-read flower bed.

Carpet Samples and OLD shower curtains. Have you already purchased plastic for your flower bed? There is a cheaper way of doing it … carpet samples and shower curtains. Just lay them on your flower beds and cover with mulch.