Spring is HERE in the Cedar Rapids area and so is Home Maintenance

mayEvery winter seems to be the longest and this winter in the Cedar Rapids area, this year was no exception. With the warmer weather and sunny skies, it’s time to turn our attention from shoveling snow and keeping warm to enjoying the sun and green grass.

It’s also time to get your home ready for the warmer months ahead.

It WILL be warmer and stay warmer – promise – and it’s a good time to have your air conditioner inspected. It’s better to do it now and pay the maintenance fee than when it’s 100 degrees outside and your unit goes down.

Check your roof and gutters. Snow and ice can really damage both and a quick inspection may save you money and headaches if it repairs are needed. Leaves and sticks can clog up your eaves – a quick clean out will make sure rain water flow away from your foundation.

Also are the downspouts intact? Many a wet basement can be attributed to a blocked or damaged downspout.

Check your windows. Re-caulk around windows where needed and make sure the area around the windows is sound and strong. Caulk can shrink over time allowing cold AND warm winds in. A quick probe with a screwdriver will reveal if any wood has gotten soft and needs repaired.

Inside your home

flowersVacuum your refrigerator coils. It’s amazing how dusty and dirty your coils can get making your refrigerator run harder. It’s a good rule of thumb to vacuum coils every 6 months.

Vacuum behind your drier. Even though you clean your drier filter every time you dry clothes, some lint still passes through. Move out your drier, removing the vent hose in back and vacuum the lint trapped there. This not only helps your drier run more effectively, it can be a safety hazard.

Spring is always a great time of year – new and fresh. One way to get a fresh start this Spring is to find a new place to live in the Cedar Rapids area and I’m here to help!! Contact me today and let’s get started!

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