What is YOUR most important reason to buy a home?

What is YOUR most important reason to buy a home?

  • Is it a solid and safe place to raise your family?
  • Does it give you more space for your family to live?
  • Does owning a home give you more control of your environment?

Even though those are very good reasons to purchase, is it still a sound investment?

  •  Out of most of people asked, 65% of the general population consider homeownership a “safe” investment.
  • 56% think ownership is more of an asset than any other traditional investment.
  • 69% believe NOW is a good time to buy a home, which is an increase over the last 2 Quarters.

If you don’t own, what is the other option (other than living with your parents) – Renting. So, what is the difference between renting and buying?

Of those asked:

  • 63% of renters want to own a home one day.
  • 72% of those who rent agree home ownership is superior to renting.
  • 95% of those who own a home see homeownership as a positive experience while 4% do not like owning a home. However 82% of renter see renting as a positive experience, while 17% do not like the rental experience.
  • 96% of those who own a home, own a single family residence. Out of those renters who answered the questions 46% lived in a multi-unit dwelling.

To shake out all these percentages, the main point is, even when the stock market is tanking and things look pretty bleak, we still believe in the dream of owning our own home.