Why hasn’t that home sold yet?

Have you wondered why great homes just stay on the market and don’t seem to sell? Here are a few reasons why some homes in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding area may not be selling in today’s market.


1.  The home is drawing fewer lookers. When the home is new on the market that is when it draws the most interest. If an agent is saying buyers aren’t showing interest in a home that could mean prospective buyers are waiting for the price to come down before viewing it.

2.  The home is drawing lookers but no offers. If a home has had many lookers come through a home but none have made an offer. Something is off. What are other agents saying about the home? If a home is overly priced it may discourage buyers from making an offer.

3.  The home has been on the market longer than comparable homes. Buyers start to wonder if there is something wrong with a home if it sits on the market for to long. If a home is over 30 to 60 days on the market without activity, buyers are going to be suspect .

5.  Home is not  updated. Maybe the home doesn’t have a fresh coat of paint, cleaned carpets, or curb appeal.  Buyers expect to pay less for a home that doesn’t show as well as others.

6.  The competition has changed. Check out the local homes that have gone weeks without an offer. Have similar homes sold recently? How was their home different? What did it sell for compared to what other homes were listed for? This could show that a price may be to high and that a home needs to reduce the listing price.  

Pricing the home right is just one part of listing your home in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding area, but one of the most important parts. It will make all the difference of your home selling fast or sitting while other homes sell. With my professional expertise, I will provide current market stats and comparables to make sure your home is priced to sell NOW.

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