Zip it UP!


Have you heard about  Bloomsbury Farm’s most recent activity? “The Zip”. It is a 50 foot height, 1,400 foot ride over Dry Creek and back. Bloomsbury Farm can boast they are the first to offer a zip line in our Cedar Rapids area AND is one of the highest and longest in the entire state of Iowa!

If you haven’t visited the Atkins farm, you will need to put that on your “to do” immediately. Boomsbury Farm is only 10 minutes west of Cedar Rapids and last year attracted 40,000 visitors to there farm. They have more than 20 attractions which include TWO FULL corn mazes, a com cannon, hay  rack rides, pumpkin patch, paint ball, gem mining AND haunted barn.

Bloomsbury Farm is open to the public every day starting in September, going through to the end of October. However, for special occasions and events, they will open it up during the spring and summer.

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family for not a lot of money!!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, check out my Community Calendar! Be sure to let me know if you know of some fun things going on around the Cedar Rapids and local area!