2015 Iowa Land Values

farmlandThe September 2015 Iowa Chapter of Realtors Land Institute’s Land Trends and Values Survey came out this week. Cropland value fell 3.7% the last six months and 11.3% since September 2014.  Northeast Iowa was hit the harder than those in other regions in the last year, falling 15.1%.

According to the new survey, high-quality cropland in Northeast Iowa had an average value of $9,385 per acre as of Sept. 1, compared to $11,128 a year earlier and $9,855 in March.

Medium-quality cropland averaged $7,179 in the new report, compared to $8,311 in September 2014 and $7,302 in March 2015.

Low-quality land came in at $4,630 in last week’s survey, compared to $5,650 a year ago and $4,933 in March 2015.

High-quality ground in Northwest Iowa had the highest value in the state, at $11,339, but even that had fallen from a year earlier — if slightly, at less than 2 percent.

There are many factors contributing to the falling prices – they include:

  • lower commodity prices
  • increased interest rates
  • lack of alternative stable investments
  • cash on hand
  • limited amount of land on the market

Weather has been a big factor as well.  The Northeast’s land market had a bigger decrease because of the rain and stresses over the last year.

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