Leaf Collection in the Cedar Rapids Area

It is that time of year again!  It is getting colder out and the leaves will soon be falling.

Autumn FacesWhat can I do with all of these leaves?

You can always try composting.  Earlier I blogged about how to start your own compost bin.

But if you have to many or don’t want the hassle you can always have them picked up for you by the city of Cedar Rapids.

The city of Cedar Rapids is changing their fall leaf vacuum collection program to an every other week schedule.  Leaves will be collected every other week on a customer’s garbage day. For example- if you have your garbage picked up on Tuesday.  Your leaves will be picked up every other Tuesday.

To make this easier the city was divided into two groups, green and orange.  One week leaves will be collected from the green group and the other from the orange group.

leaf collection chart

Here is a map to help customers identify what collection group they are in.  Customers can also call the Solid Waste & Recycling Division to determine their collection group at (319) 286-5897.

Why the change?

Due to the demand the Vacuum program has struggled to keep up with collection each week.  When the program would fall behind the staff would end up working longer hours to try and keep up with the demand.  By changing the schedule to an every other week it will greatly reduce the program falling behind and the customers will have more of a consistent schedule.

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**information from the City of Cedar Rapids.