Does your Gas Leaf Blower Start right Off?

I went out the other day to get rid of all the leaves in my yard. I should have just waited as all the county's leaves are now in my yard - again. Anyway, I go to use my leaf blower ... it spits and sputters. I try several times and then pick up the old reliable - my rake and leaf sack. But I started thinking about why my leaf blower is acting like it's on its last leg and then I read this article - who knew? According to HouseLogic, Ethanol-blended gasoline, which is made for automobiles and other vehicles isn't made for the small gas powered engines. According to the article, "Ethanolis a … [Read more...]

Have you gotten your lawn ready for winter?

Did you know you have until Halloween to prepare your lawn for its winter sleep? Did you know that fall prep is just as important as getting your yard ready in the spring? Oh, I know that we can't wait to get out in the yard when the first dandelions peek out, but in order to hinder those little yellow weeds, there are about four things we should do now. You need to Aerate. For proper aeration, earth plugs actually need to be pulled out of the ground and not just punched into the ground. This process gives more room for your grass giving it less competition with the weeds. The pulled out … [Read more...]