2015 Iowa Land Values

The September 2015 Iowa Chapter of Realtors Land Institute’s Land Trends and Values Survey came out this week. Cropland value fell 3.7% the last six months and 11.3% since September 2014.  Northeast Iowa was hit the harder than those in other regions in the last year, falling 15.1%. According to the new survey, high-quality cropland in Northeast Iowa had an average value of $9,385 per acre as of Sept. 1, compared to $11,128 a year earlier and $9,855 in March. Medium-quality cropland averaged $7,179 in the new report, compared to $8,311 in September 2014 and $7,302 in March … [Read more...]

Just how much rent can you get per acre in Benton or Linn County?

Iowa Farmland Rental Rates 1994-2014 (USDA) Iowa State Extension Office File C2-09 Updated September, 2014 Cropland rental rates averaged $260 per acre in 2014, up $20 per acre from 2013. This was the highest value ever recorded. Cash rent for pastures averaged $50 per acre in 2014, up $1 from the previous year. Rent as a percentage of land value was 3.0% for cropland and 1.5% for pasture. For more localized information about cash rental rates, ask for the Cash Rental Rates for Iowa 2014 Survey (AgDM File C2-10) at the ISU Extension and Outreach office in your county or find it online … [Read more...]

Iowa Farm Ground Prices are STILL Going Up!

According to AgWeb.com, Iowa’s farmland increased 10.8% between September, 2011, and March, 2012. The Iowa Farm and Land Chapter #2 REALTORS Land Institute (RLI) conducted a survey indicating a total statewide average increase of 23.7% for the year ending March 1, 2012, which was a combination of the previous gain of 12.9% reported in September and the increase made from then until March 1st. This survey reported a statewide average prices of the following types of crop ground: $9,370 /acre – high quality $7,148 /acre – medium quality $4,879 /acre – low quality $2,418 /acre – … [Read more...]

Iowa Farm Land Values

There has been a lot of talk lately about Iowa Land Values . The National Association of Realtors put together the chart and map below showing the increase of our land values and our state's unemployment rate. We are actually better off than many other states nationally. I thought I would just show you the recent trends. If you want to know local land prices, contact me today!! Iowa State University recently released land value trends in its state. The lag time between data release and conditions is almost a year, but the underlying trend is quite dramatic with land prices in many … [Read more...]