How Most Find a Real Estate Agent

How did you find your Real Estate agent in the past - or now, for that matter? Did you Google it on the internet, hear from friends, or see an add in the newspaper? Wonder how your search compared with others who have looked for real estate agents? Which way is the best to find the best agent? Here are a couple of articles I found on which details how most people find their real estate professional. How do you find an agent you can trust your biggest purchase to? An agent to really represent you? Contact me today to see how I can be your agent! On January 6, 2012, … [Read more...]

Housing market turning around in several rural states

We all know we live in a pretty great state, but even when things are pretty darn tough around here economically, we are better than many other places and it looks like we'll rebound quicker than most states. So what does this mean for you? You may want to really jump off that fence if you're thinking about buying, homes values may be on the rise. If you're looking to sell, homes are selling. HOWEVER, not like they have before or by the same ways agents were marketing before the Real Estate Downturn in 2007. Real Estate Agents need to use more technology and resources never thought of … [Read more...]

What a Home Inspection Should Cover

You just found the most perfect home! It is so exciting!! It has everything you want - now it's on to closing!! You may want to wait a minute and make sure you include in your offer the option to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector. A certified home inspector will go through your home bottom to top to make sure there are no safety issues which may impede your home ownership or enjoyment. Inspections are not to nickle and dime the offer price down, it is used to make sure your home you are purchasing is safe. I do advocate home inspections and will give you a list of … [Read more...]