Cedar Rapids Area Fall Maintenance Checklist

I know it is still warm outside but it is getting to be that time of year to do your fall maintenance on your Cedar Rapids Area home.  Doing this now will prevent high cost repairs later.  These are some things to check off before it get to cold. Water Disconnect and put away any garden hoses. Drain out any water from your outside faucets, unless the faucets are “frost free”. Drain your lawn sprinkler system and then blow out with compressed air. Empty and drain any exterior fountains. Roof Clean soffit vents under the roof overhangs. Check roof vents for … [Read more...]

Overlooked Costs of Home Ownership

You are ready to buy a home.  How Exciting!  Have you thought about the other expenses that could go along with home ownership?  Many home owners go over their budget because they were only counting on the mortgage payments and not the day to day expenses of owning a home.  You should have at least a three month cushion so that if an emergency comes along you will be prepared.   Here are a few things that are often overlooked and that you should consider when buying your next home: Insurance This is a cost that can vary per home.  Remember, home owners insurance covers structure and … [Read more...]