Do You Know What Your Home Warranty Covers?

Home warranties come up a lot when you are buying or selling your home.  Do you know what it covers? A home warranty is a service contract.  It is the company's agreement that they will fix and in some cases replace specific components in your home.  A home warranty costs upwards of $450 or more for the basic package depending on who you decide to go with. It typically covers: Kitchen Appliances Plumbing Water Heater Furnace Sump Pump Whirlpool tub Ceiling and Exhaust Fans There is an option of paying more money to get more coverage.  This could cost you $100 or … [Read more...]

Should you consider a Home Warranty when Buying a Home in the Cedar Rapids Area?

What is a home warranty? A home warranty is a warranty that covers your major mechanical systems like your furnace, central air, wells, or septic tanks.  Some warranties even cover a new roof as long as it is specified in the policy.  This is not hazard insurance.  Hazard insurance is coverage in case of a fire, flood, or accident.  The warranty  is for the normal wear and tear breakdowns. Home warranties can be obtained for many dwellings like mobile homes, condominiums, town houses and manufactured homes.  Sellers usually buy the warranty to make their home more attractive it is … [Read more...]