This Could be the Right Time for First-Time Home Buyers!

seasons 2It’s that time of year again!  School has either already started or will be starting for many schools in the Cedar Rapids Area.  Days are getting shorter and the home sales are about to slow down. If you are a first-time home buyer and have been wondering if you should be jumping into this sellers market, this could be the time to do it!

The Real Estate market cycles during each season.  You have probably noticed that there are a lot of signs up in the spring/summer and not as many in the fall/winter.  This is true for the school year, as well.  Most parents are not going to be buying a home in August or September.  Parents are more likely to be buying during the summer months when school is out.  Most people feel if they put there home on the market in the spring/summer months they are more likely to be selling their home.  This crowd mentality has been around for years but is not always the case.

Winter can be a slow time in the market. This is the time that inventory doesn’t fluctuate as much.  Many great homes go on the market during this time even though it is in the colder months and the holidays are coming.  If you are not discouraged by the cold and snow this could be a great time to be looking.  I know it can be discouraging when you are looking at the house and can’t see the curb!

Your patience, as a buyer, can pay off in many ways!  If you don’t follow the crowd and the cold doesn’t bother you, you might find yourself with the upper hand.  Many homes in the winter months have been on the market for a while, and the sellers might be getting frustrated.  You will also not have the competition of the summer months looming over you.

Contact me today!! With my expertise I can help you navigate through the changing Cedar Rapids market seasons.  Whether is is the peak season or the season dips, I can help buyers find the home that is best for them.

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