Tips on Staging Your Cedar Rapids Area Home

stagingYou are ready to put your home on the market.  Staging your home could help you sell it faster.  Here are a few tips to help you stage your home for potential buyers.


Your home must be spotless!  You don’t want buyers coming into your home and seeing your it messy.  Go through and organize your closets and cupboards.  Buyers will be opening them to see if they can fit their things in there.  Deep clean your home and Be Picky!  Cleaning the baseboards, light switches, curtains, and carpets will help you sell your home.

Remove Clutter

When you put your home on the market it is time to separate yourself from the home.  “De-personalizing” your home will help buyers picture themselves living in your home.  Put it away until you move into your new home.  Here are some examples on how to do this:

  • Remove family photographs– you are wanting buyers to see themselves living in your home.
  • Remove Collectibles-while you are in love with owls, teddy bears, or even that sword collection.  Buyers are not going to appreciate it as much as you are.
  • Kitchen Clutter-I know, you might not think of this as clutter.  Your kitchen counters having a lot of appliances or containers can appear like a cluttered counter.  Keep everything in your organized cupboards and take it out when you need to use it.


Thinning out furniture can make the room appear to be bigger than it really is.  Doing this, makes the room look bigger helping the buyer appreciate the size of the rooms.


A Fresh coat of neutral paint is the easiest and the cheapest way to update a room.  The focus should be on the room and not the walls.  By having a neutral color on the walls doesn’t mean you can’t make the room pop.  You can add a bright afghan, throw, or accent pillows to the couch to add pizzazz to the room.  If you decide that this is to much for you to do on your own then think about calling a professional.

Set the Scene

There are many ways you can make the home more inviting for the buyers.

  • Putting logs in the fireplace
  • Setting the table
  • Fresh flowers and plants
  • Switching our your heavy drapes for shear drapes to let more light in
  • Putting decorative soaps in the bathroom
  • If you have pets be sure and clean their bedding often


Keep your lawn and hedges manicured, and if you have sprinklers turn them on 30 minutes before a showing so the lawn sparkles.  Try putting some bright potted flowers by your front entrance to help spruce it up.  Don’t forget the new doormat and a seasonal wreath for the front door.

I know that buying or selling a home can be intimidating.  As your Real Estate Professional, I will make sure that you understand every step of the process.  Contact me today!!  

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