Whirlpool is Calling Back & Hiring for 2012!!

Good news from Amana and it’s just in time for the Holidays!

The Whirlpool Corporation announced they plan to add 250 production workers in the Middle Amana refrigeration plant during the first three months of 2012 IN ADDITION to bringing back the laid off workers. They will be able to return after the 1st of the year.

This is exceptional news to our local economy after it was announced in July of layoffs numbering 350 due to the slowing economy.

“The increase in employment is related to additional demand for product being made at this plant as well as seasonal fluctuation,” Whirlpool Corp. spokeswoman Kristine Vernier said. The plant also will add a third production shift during the quarter, she said.

The Whirlpool plant will be preparing their inventories for the increase of the demand for refrigerators during the summer months.

This will definitely give our local markets a booster shot for 2012!!